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Spiced Candied Walnuts

So my brother is a chef. Definitely a bonus if you have one in your family! I was working on a recipe for a TV segment, but taste testing came up short…something was missing and I couldn’t place it. Luckily, my brother is just a text away. Instantly he responded and recommended that I use candied walnuts instead of the plain walnuts I was working with. He nailed it and I owe this amazing treat and that delicious recipe to him! Thanks, Bubba 😉

I decided that the flavors in my recipe needed a kick and some warmth, so I decided to use maple sugar, ginger powder, and cardamom. Making candied walnuts could not be easier!


2 cups walnuts halves
1 cup maple sugar
1.5 tsp ginger powder
1.5 tsp cardamom

Place parchment paper on a cookie sheet and preheat oven to 250 degrees.

Combine sugar, ginger, and cardamom in a gallon size plastic bag.

Bring 4 cups of water to a boil. Add walnuts for 30 seconds and use a strainer to remove the nuts from the water. Add the walnuts to the bag with the spice mixture, seal, and shake until coated.

Place walnuts in a single layer on the cookie sheet, you may need to use 2 cookie sheets. Bake for 15-20 minutes until glaze is brown and melted. Cool and enjoy!


You can use any spices you want and vamp it up or tone it down any way that you want! These are incredibly versatile, can enhance so many dishes, and even be used for snacks on their own.

Did you try the recipe? Did you switch it up for your own needs? How did it go? I’d love to know!

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