About Me

I am dedicated to helping you cultivate the healthiest you possible.

Hi! My name is Andrea Goergen, and I am a registered dietitian nutritionist and health coach. I have spent over 15 years learning, growing, and working in the health field and helping people just like you lose weight, heal digestive issues, get more active, and manage their health conditions. My passion is nutrition, particularly healing and fueling the body with food. I have found, however, that food is only one component of the holistic approach that is required to truly change your life around to be the healthiest, happiest you possible.

I am a foodie and travel junkie with a love for running with my dog, Murphy, cooking fun recipes, attempting crazy yoga poses, reading, visiting farmer’s markets and learning everything that I can about the human body and how it works!

If you’re ready to start living your best life, join me in designing and embarking on your path to healthy. My personal path isn’t what will work for everyone. I truly believe that everyone is different. Our individual needs are unique, and the traditional medical system, though it plays a very important role in our health, cannot be everything to everyone. I am here to help you find your own path to healthy and the balance that you’ve been looking for. My goal is to learn as much as I can about you, your lifestyle, and your goals to help you cultivate the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being that will carry you to your perfect health!

Work with me to look and feel your absolute best!